Berkeley Lab and TechWomen

For ten years, Berkeley Lab staff from across almost all research areas have mentored TechWomen Emerging Leaders from across 20 countries.  

The TechWomen program brings "Emerging Leaders" from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East mentorship, knowledge sharing, and network opportunities. Read more about how they do it on their website,

TechWomen is an Initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.


I’m proud of the strong ties between TechWomen and Berkeley Lab over the past ten years. Hosting women STEM emerging leaders from around the world at the Lab leads to a scientific exchange that enables us to live out our mission of bringing scientific solutions to the world.

As mentors, we share not only scientific knowledge, but also share the Lab culture of stewardship, core values, and IDEA principles. This aligns with the mission of TechWomen to empower, connect, and support the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

The impact of our partnership is impressive. We’ve hosted 46 emerging leaders and held four TechWomen International Days at the Lab. There is a place for each of us in the preparation of future science leaders and innovators. I look forward to hosting more TechWomen at the Lab to inspire and encourage the international community of women of STEM to join us in solving our most pressing global issues. If you would like to be a mentor for the next cohort, please contact Reshma Singh

Carol Burns

Deputy Lab Director, Research

Chief Research Officer

A vision-driven partnership between Berkeley Lab and TechWomen

Berkeley Lab is the only national lab involved in the TechWomen mentorship program to:

Celebrating 10 years of collaboration

This year, Berkeley Lab and TechWomen are celebrating a decade of collaboration on their joint goal of supporting emerging women leaders in STEM across the globe. Berkeley Lab was honored for its mentorship at a ceremony in 2022.

Berkeley Lab's Reshma Singh receives the '10 years of service award' from Lee Satterfield,  Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the TechWomen @10 Event.

(Left to right): Mary Ann Piette, Reshma Singh, Mike Witherell, and Jill Fuss with the TechWomen award for 10 years of mentorship at Berkeley Lab.

Berkeley Lab's Reshma Singh with Mentors from Silicon Valley companies ranging from Adobe and Autodesk to Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Salesforce at the TechWomen@10 Event. 

TechWomen@10 was a celebration of 10 years of supporting Emerging Leaders, held at the Juniper Dome, Sunnyvale CA in in Oct 2022.

Impacts over a decade of collaboration

Over 10 years, 33 Berkeley Lab mentors have hosted 50 Emerging Leaders. Read more.

Berkeley Lab has hosted four TechWomen International Day at the Lab (TWIDL) events over the years. Read more.

  5 (out of 6) Berkeley Lab Research Areas have collaborated to mentor TechWomen Emerging Leaders. Read more.

Upcoming Events and News

Lab staff can be part of the change by participating in the selection process and mentoring as professional or cultural mentors, or impact coaches.